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If you have a medical emergency and you require urgent assistance, please call 111 immediately.
A medical emergency includes chest pain or tightness, difficulty breathing, choking, severe bleeding or bleeding that won’t stop, sudden weakness or difficulty talking, fainting or unconsciousness.
For general health advice, please call Healthline 0800 611 116

We’ve put this information and these links together to help you help yourself and your whānau

1. Healthline app to get a call back from the team
2. Healthline NZ support is free
3. Severe weather events
4. COVID health information – including antivirals
5. COVID vaccination information
6. Online help for health info and self-care resources e.g. measles and mpox
7. Find details and opening times for pharmacies and healthcare providers
8. Summer health information

Healthline app to get a call back from the team

If you don’t need immediate help and would like one of the Healthline team to call you back?

    1. Download the free Healthline NZ App
    2. Register your details

Healthline NZ support is free

Good news. Healthline NZ support is free .

We will never ask you for your credit card details or to sign up to pay for support or advice. There are organisations that do that (some have 'healthline' as part of the name of their service). We don't. If you're worried that you may have been scammed – this site is useful Scamwatch | Consumer Protection

Severe weather events

Cold or Flu?

Civil Defence latest information

For latest updates and links on the impact of the cyclone and also the recent Auckland weather events. Where to get support.

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Find your local civil defence group

Local authorities are responsible for Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) in their area. If life or property is threatened always dial 111 for Police, Fire or Ambulance.

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Need to talk?

The current and recent weather events are distressing. If you, or someone you know, needs mental wellbeing support or advice then call or text 1737 anytime. There is also some great advice on managing stress in an emergency here.

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Waka Kotahi

Several roads have been impacted by recent weather events. View the Waka Kotahi traffic map for the latest available information on road closures and delays.

Online help for health info and self-care resources

Cold or Flu?

Health information

The Health Navigator website has reliable and trustworthy health information and self-care resources – including about diarrhoea, vomiting, sunburn, the morning after pill.

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Information about self-isolating, support, and treatment for people with mpox (monkeypox) and what to do if you’re a close contact.

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Information about measles and also exposure locations in Aotearoa.

Find details and opening times for pharmacies and other healthcare providers

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Healthpoint provides up-to-date information about healthcare providers (GPs, pharmacies, social services, hospitals, testing and vaccination sites, mental health support) and their opening hours and services.

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If you’re away from home and have forgotten your regular medications, most pharmacies can help with a three-day supply. Search for a pharmacy near you.

COVID health information

Cold or Flu?

General COVID-19 information

Click here for general information on COVID-19 including isolation, testing and travel information.

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How to manage at home if you have COVID

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Healthpoint - Testing Centre Location

Follow the link above.

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Find out more by clicking on the link above

COVID vaccination information

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COVID-19 Govt Website - Vaccine Information

Information about vaccine strategy, safety and effectiveness, getting a vaccine, fact sheets about the vaccine and the immunisation process.

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COVID-19 vaccine in children 5 years old and over

Here are some common questions and answers for COVID vaccine for children.

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COVID vaccination calculator

Click here to this great COVID vaccination calculator that links to here

Summer health information

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Vomiting & diarrhoea

Find out more details on the link above

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Sunburn details on the link above

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First Aid

First aid measures for accidents

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What to do if you have an accident – ACC

Find out how to claim for an injury or accident with ACC.